What Are Some Fundamental Skills in Table Tennis?

Some fundamental skills in table tennis include the serve, defense, movement, speed and mastering the basic strokes. Table tennis is also known as ping pong, and learning some simple skills helps a person to become more proficient.

Table tennis is more than simply hitting a ball over the net. In order to become competitive, players should master a few simple techniques. A good serve and defense is a basic building block for table tennis. A person should find their own strengths and style, and practice improving them. In addition to learning how to serve and defend, one also needs to learn the proper grip. While the shakehands grip is the most popular, there is also the penhold grip.

Movement and speed go hand in hand with the serve and defense. It is impossible to stand in one spot while playing a lively game of table tennis. A person has to be constantly on the move and anticipate the incoming serves from the opponent. Quickly returning a serve is a good way to catch the opponent off-guard and possibly gain a point or two.

There are a few basic strokes that a table tennis player should know. These include the drive, which is a topspin; the push, which is a backspin; the block and the smash.