What Are Some Fun Workplace Jokes?


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Some fun workplace jokes are "The Raise" and "Hot Shot." Another fun workplace joke is a joke about a new employee discussing his salary and benefits package.

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"The Raise" tells the story of a man who walks into his boss's office and asks for a raise. He explains that even though the economy is bad, three different companies are after him. After the boss agrees to give the man a raise, the boss asks what companies are after the man. The man replies that the companies are the gas company, the electric company and the phone company.

"Hot Shot" tells the story of a man who opens his own company. Wanting to impress others, he buys fine furniture to decorate the office. When a person walks into his office, the man wants to appear busy and important, so he picks up the phone and pretends to talk to someone. When he asks the person in the office how he can help, she replies that she is there to activate the phones.

Another joke tells the story of a new college graduate who meets with human resources at a company. The employee tells the human resource worker that he wants to earn approximately $125,000, depending on the benefits package. The human resources representatives asks if the new hire wants five weeks vacation, 14 holidays, full medical coverage and a car. The man replies that surely, human resources is joking about the offer. The representative replies that she is joking because the new hire is clearly joking about expecting to make $125,000.

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