What Are Some Fun Words to Use in Charades?


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Fun words to use in charades include "Harry Potter," "astronaut" and "ping pong." Categories that work well for charades include books, movies, geographical locations and celebrity names.

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Harry Potter is the main character of the "Harry Potter" series. He is a famous wizard. In charades, the actor could pretend to cast spells. He can also grab his forehead in pain, as the character has a lightning bolt-shaped scar in that location.

When portraying an astronaut, the actor can make his movements deliberate to mimic walking on the moon. Another option is using body motions to pretend he's floating in zero gravity.

Since ping pong players quickly hit the ball back and forth, the actor could pretend to swing his paddle and wait for a return. Other options include making a serving motion and a celebration after winning an imaginary point.

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