What Are Some Fun Words for a Charades Game?


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Some fun words for a game of charades with adults may include the names of alcoholic drinks, such as "sex on the beach" or "Long Island Iced Tea," as well as celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian. Fun words for a game with children might include animal names or cartoon characters.

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What Are Some Fun Words for a Charades Game?
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Choosing fun words for charades involves understanding the tastes and comfort levels of the people playing. A game that includes only adults may focus on more mature words and phrases, such as sexually explicit movies or songs. If the members are not comfortable with such terms, focusing on embarrassing or silly phrases works just as well. For instance, some such phrases might require women to act out famous male celebrities.

A game that involves children might instead promote creativity by focusing on light-hearted, fun subjects. One possible phrase option might be farm animals, so that the children must act like the animals. Other possible words might be the names of friends and teachers. Comic book and cartoon characters, such as Batman and Spider-Man, may also be enjoyable, as are toys like Barbie and My Little Pony.

The basic rules for charades consist of one person in the group acting out a word or phrase in an attempt to get the other members of the group to guess it. The person acting is not able to speak or make any sounds, so all hints and clues must involve the body only.

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