What Are Some Fun Word Games for Couples?


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Fun word games for couples include the ABC game, the last letter game and the exhaustion game. These games don't require any supplies and work well with one or more couples.

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In the ABC game, each player says a word that starts with a letter of the alphabet, starting with "a" and going in alphabetical order. Each player must say every word in order. For example, if play reaches the letter "d," that player first says the first three words before adding his own word.

In the last letter game, players say words that begin with the last letter of the previous word. If the player can't think of a word, he gets one strike. Once a player reaches a predetermined number of strikes, he loses.

In the exhaustion game, the players choose a category, and name items in that category. The first player who can't think of a word gets a strike. Strikes work the same as in the last letter game.

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