What Are Some Fun Ways to Give Barbie a Makeover?


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One way to give Barbie a fun makeover is to use food coloring and a cup of hot water to dye Barbie's hair a different color. A fine tip felt pen can change Barbie's makeup by creating eyeliner with black ink or changing lip color with pink or red ink.

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A Barbie's hair doesn't grow back when it is cut, so it is important to remember this when cutting her hair. A Barbie's hair is made from nylon, so it must not be pulled if it is cut because pulling stretches the nylon and the cut retracts to a shorter length than intended. Cutting out only tangled and frayed hair is the best option when making over Barbie's hair.

There are a few ways to curl or restyle a Barbie's hair. One way is to cut up a straw into Barbie-sized curlers, wrap small sections around them and secure with bobby pins. Next, take a cup of boiling water and pour it over the entire hair followed immediately by cold water to set the nylon fibers. Let the hair dry for 12 hours then remove the curlers to reveal tight barrel curls.

Another styling method is to braid small sections of a Barbie's hair and clip them back. Next, wet the hair thoroughly and place the doll in the freezer for five minutes. Remove the doll and undo the braids but do not brush the hair. This method is not as long lasting, so the hair can be changed again as desired.

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