What Are Some Fun Virtual World Pet Games?


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Neopets, PsyPets and Webkinz are some fun virtual world pet games that are online as of April 2015. Each of the games attracts a different audience and offers unique virtual world features.

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Neopets features a virtual world called Neopia with multiple countries for the player to explore, including Faerieland, Shenkuu and Meridell. Each country has its own associated pet species, item collections and flash games.

PsyPets has a smaller virtual world, where all pets live in their respective owners' houses. Pet owners build up their houses using add-ons such as towers, kitchens, greenhouses and moats. The owner provides the pets with resources and food, and the pets use these resources to build crafts or battle monsters.

Finally, Webkinz is a massive virtual world that connects to the real world via plush toys that players can buy in stores. A player purchases a Webkinz pet and registers it on the website to create an account.

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