What Are Some Fun and Unique Bridal Shower Games?


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Those looking for fun and unique bridal shower games can plan to play the clothespin game, make a toilet paper wedding dress, and play bridal bingo. These games both break the ice and entertain guests at the party, says About.com.

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To play the clothespin game, the host creates a list of forbidden words prior to the shower. Possible words include "bride," "bridesmaid," "wedding," "groom" and "honeymoon." The host distributes clothespins to the guests and tells them to listen for the forbidden words. If a guest hears someone saying one of the words, she takes a clothespin from that person. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins.

In the toilet paper wedding dress game, teams race to dress a team member in a gown made only from toilet paper and tape. The bride sets a timer for five minutes, and teams of three or four guests compete to make dresses. Once the timer goes off, the bride picks the best dress.

For bridal bingo, the host makes bingo cards and call slips from things the bride likes; for example, places she has visited or her favorite color. Each guest receives a card, and the bride selects call slips from a large bowl. Prizes can include some of the bride's favorite things, such as her favorite nail polish.

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