Are There Any Fun Typing Games?


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"Key Seeker," "Big Brown Bear," "Dance Mat Typing" and "Keyboard Climber" are all fun typing games. These free Web games teach touch-typing skills so learners don't have to look at the keyboard to see the keys, increasing accuracy and typing speed.

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Are There Any Fun Typing Games?
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"Key Seeker" is a kindergarten-level game that teaches young typists how to identify the keys on a keyboard and use correct hand placement for typing. The jungle-themed game calls for the use of "monkey paws," gloves or other devices marked purple and green to help the child know which hand to use for which letters.

"Big Brown Bear" uses scored exercises that increase in difficulty; its simple format is ideal for learners of all ages. Learners increase their overall score for each correct keystroke.

"Dance Mat Typing" is a children's typing game by the BBC that includes four levels of increasing difficulty with three stages each. The game uses animal characters to help the child learn.

"Keyboard Climber" is an arcade-type game in which learners help a climbing monkey reach the top of a level with each correct keystroke. Every incorrect stroke causes the monkey to fall to the bottom. The How to Play area shows correct hand placement on the keyboard for quick reference.

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