What Are Some Fun Three-Player Games?


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Fun three-person card games include Gin Rummy, Slapjack and Hearts. Games for three that require no equipment are Make Me Laugh and Spot the Difference. Fitness games include Hopscotch and Tag.

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Gin Rummy requires players to match up card suits or multiples. In Hearts, players try to win tricks without hearts in them. Slapjack gives each person the same number of cards. Each player plays a card, and the high card wins the trick. If a jack is played, players try to be the first to slap the pile to win that trick.

Games not requiring equipment include Make Me Laugh in which one player tries to make everyone else laugh without laughing himself. A player in Spot the Difference leaves the room, changes one thing about his appearance and returns. Other players try to identify what has been changed.

In Hopscotch, the hopscotch court is drawn on the sidewalk. Each player throws a small item into a block and has to hop to the block, pick up the item and return all on one foot. In Tag, one person is "it." The remaining players try to catch him.

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