What Are Fun Things to Do at Sleepovers?


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A few fun activities for sleepovers include movie marathons, midnight ice cream and pizza parties, themed sleepovers, makeovers, games, and competitions. Standard sleepover favorites for girls or boys center around group activities, humor and food.

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Watching romantic comedies, scary movies, cartoons or action films accompanied by plenty of soda and popcorn make for a memorable and fun sleepover. Another perennial favorite is having a midnight junk food party complete with hot dogs, chips, pizza, soda and whatever else feeds the junk food addition. Sleepover games such as Truth or Dare, Dumb Charades, and board games are timeless favorites, along with competitions such as who can eat the most of something, do something unusual or dress up in the weirdest costume.

For a more elaborate sleepover, theme-based parties can be an enjoyable alternative. Camp-out themes include tents, sleeping bags, scary stories and possibly a bonfire in the back yard. Spa themes can feature massages, health food cooking sessions, and beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures and hair coloring. A fashion theme can feature makeup art, dressing up in period clothing, and a fashion show complete with a carpet runway, photographers and models. Baking sessions, arts and crafts, an all-out party with loud music, storytelling, pool parties, and karaoke are a few more good ideas for a fun sleepover.

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