What Are Some Fun Things to Do If You're Bored?


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Some fun things to do when you are bored include having an indoor picnic, an international dinner night, a scavenger hunt or a photo shoot. Others include playing games and having a movie night.

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If you can't go out, have an indoor picnic by spreading a blanket on the floor and serving picnic foods such as sandwiches and fruit. Choose a country you are interested in or want to know more about and make a meal that would be served there. Have guests or family members wear clothing or accessories that might be worn in the selected country, and download a few songs from there for an added touch. Make a list of things to find, and have a scavenger hunt. The hunt can take place indoors or outdoors. For an extra challenge, set a time limit.

Pretend you are a professional photographer, and have a photo shoot. Dress up, use props and experiment with different types of writing. If you are the only one participating, see how many different looks you can come up with, and master the art of the selfie. Play a board game such as Monopoly, or get out the deck of cards and have a poker night. If you are going it alone, play solitaire or find a fun game to download on your computer or mobile device. Make your living room into a home theater by renting or downloading a movie, turning down all the lights and setting out snacks such as popcorn and candy.

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