What Are Some Fun Things to Do at Home?


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Some fun activities to do at home include throwing a party, playing group games and doing arts and crafts. Gather materials such as party decorations, board games, snacks and art supplies to plan entertaining activities at home.

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If you are planning a party, begin by getting organized, recommends Martha Stewart. Plan the date, location, number of people, budget, menu and entertainment. Once you have your planning framework completed, tie it all together with a celebratory, seasonal or holiday theme to coordinate the menu, decorations and activities at the party. Keep everyone busy and active by planning some energetic group games.

Play outdoor games such as a water balloon toss, tug of war, a nature scavenger hunt, relay races, kickball, 7-up or capture the flag, suggests About.com. Traditional playground games are also fun to play at home in the back yard. Try red rover, red light, green light, hula hoops, four square and freeze tag. Classic indoor games include freeze dance, Simon says, a treasure hunt, limbo, bean bag toss or hide and seek. For arts and crafts activities, Martha Stewart suggests needlework such as knitting or sewing, making handmade jewelry and designing and creating original accessories for yourself, your home or your pets.

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