What Are Some Fun Things to Collect?

What a person thinks is fun to collect depends largely on her financial status and personality. If a person has a large or even unlimited budget and is willing to spend to be a collector, the type of items she can bring home are endless.

According to the Huffington Post and depending on the person, nine of the most valuable things to collect are: classic cars, stamps, coins, fine art, wine, jewelry, ceramics, watches and antique furniture. If these items are out of the comfort zone of what a person can or wants to spend to collect, there are some less expensive and even free fun things a potential collector may want consider. Depending on the location, a person might be able to collect seashells, sand, rocks, marbles, bottles, cans, shot glasses, matchboxes, autographs or movies posters. Some items that are more mid-range in terms of price are albums, books, old magazines, wine glasses, lunch boxes, sports cards and other memorabilia, crosses, Buddhas and other religious paraphernalia, or comic books.

What a person finds fun to collect depends on the love and passion of the collector. If a budding collector needs ideas for items she may gush over, websites such as Oldies, Gotta Have It, and Pinterest are great places to start.