What Are Some Fun Themes for Baskets?

What Are Some Fun Themes for Baskets?

Theme ideas for a basket include sports, pampering, crafting or reading. Theme baskets work well as gifts or as raffle prizes for an event or fundraiser.

Specific ideas for a sports-themed basket include a local sports team, specific sport, general fitness theme or an outdoor play activity basket. Examples of items to include are T-shirts and other team gear, sporting equipment and sporting event tickets.

Pampering gift baskets can include nail polish, relaxing CDs, candles, bath items and spa gift cards. A night-at-home basket can feature movies and other indoor fun.

Craft baskets focus on a specific craft such as sewing or center around general craft supplies, such as paint, markers and paper. A craft book or gift card to a craft store are also appropriate.

A reading basket can include a bookstore gift card, books and snacks. Add a blanket for extra comfort.