What Are Some Fun Tests and Quizzes Online?

There are many fun tests and quizzes online, including quizzes from Quiz Rocket, All the Tests and Queendom. Some of these quizzes are serious, and others are light-hearted and silly.

Quiz Rocket has fun, easy quizzes online. These quizzes range from "The Idiot Quiz" to "The Drunk Test" to "Are you a hot date?" These quizzes are fun to take with friends and compare answers. Quiz Rocket does not require users to register for the website. Quiz takers cannot create their own quizzes, but new quizzes are occasionally added.

All the Tests has personality and knowledge questions. Some fun quizzes are "How much do you know about the Spice Girls?" "How smart are you?" and "Does he like you back?" Users can develop their own quizzes, and quiz takers rate quizzes from one to five stars. The tests on this website are light-hearted and not to be taken too seriously.

Queendom offers more serious tests, such as the Emotional Intelligence Test, many IQ tests, career tests, lifestyle tests and health tests. Some examples of tests are a driving personality test, a social anxiety test and a self-esteem test. These tests help people better understand themselves and improve themselves. Quiz takers can save their answers by registering, but it isn't required.

Queendom also offers an advice column, a blog and articles related to the test topics. It also has polls for which people can answer questions about their lives.