What Are Some Fun Shooting Games to Play Online?


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Some fun shooting games to play online are "Ricochets Kill: Space," "Zombinsanity" and "More Mindless Violence: Bugs Go Splat." Players can find the games and others at AddictingGames.com to play for free.

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In "Ricochets Kill: Space," the player must use angles to kill the evil astronauts. The game features multiple levels and each gets progressively more difficult with additional enemies and tighter angles. Each level gives the players a certain amount of ammunition. If the player fails to kill all of the enemies, he must start the level over again.

"Zombinsanity" begins in the year 2079, when the player awakes from cryosleep to defend a spaceship against attacking zombies. The player shoots the zombies while moving forward within the ship. The waves and numbers of zombies increase with each level. The game allows the player to jump, run and avoid zombies.

"More Mindless Violence: Bugs Go Splat" offers very simple first-person graphics but plenty of opportunities to shoot the bugs coming toward the screen to attack the player. The game features many levels and a variety of guns. The player occasionally needs to reload by pressing the space bar. Players must shoot a certain number of bugs to progress to the next level.

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