What Are Some Fun Projects That Use Silver Stickers?


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Fun projects that use silver stickers include all types of robot arts and crafts. Combine any number of shapes with silver stickers to create metallic patterns and designs. You can also join different components together to create limbs and movement, resulting in a robotic pattern or appearance.

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One project for a Dotty robot, available on ArtsyCraftsyMom.com, requires silver sticker tape, a Styrofoam ball, some foam dots, a cardboard box and a toilet paper roll. Other materials to include are pom poms, silver chenille craft sticks, googly eyes, bows and pearl dots. The Styrofoam ball acts as a head on the completed doll and the toilet paper roll acts as the legs on the lower body.

To create the robot, wrap up the box, the toilet paper roll and the Styrofoam ball with the silver tape. Depending on the patterns on the stickers, make the silver surface as symmetrical or asymmetrical as desired. With a glue gun, put the legs, hands and head in place on the robot's body. Cut the toilet paper roll in half and attach the two pieces as legs. Use craft sticks for the arms and pom poms for the hands. With the rest of the materials, customize the robot as desired, applying the googly eyes to the head and decorating any way you wish.

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