What Are Some Fun Projects That Use 3-D Stickers?


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Handmade wrapping paper and simple foam sticker stamps are two fun projects that use 3-D stickers. Both projects use 3-D foam stickers as handy stamps. The wrapping paper project uses a rolling pin to apply the ink, and the simple foam sticker project uses a stack of stickers for a stamp, with a homemade handle.

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To make handmade wrapping paper with 3-D foam stickers, wrap wax paper around a wooden rolling pin, and secure it with tape. Press the 3-D foam stickers to the rolling pin in the desired pattern. Alternatively, use a cardboard tube instead of a rolling pin.

To prepare your work surface, tape a large sheet of butcher paper to a table or floor. Squeeze printing ink onto an acrylic box or old baking dish, and use a paint roller to create an even layer of ink. Roll the rolling pin over the ink to coat the stickers, and then roll it evenly onto the butcher paper to create your homemade wrapping paper. Re-apply the ink if necessary, and then let dry before use.

To create simple 3-D foam sticker stamps, peel off the backs of matching stickers, and stack them to create a thick stamp. Attach packing foam, a small wooden object or any other suitable small item to the top of the stamp to create a handle.

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