What Are Some Fun Problem-Solving Activities?


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Fun problem-solving activities include Radioactive Field, Don't Drop the Egg, and Moonball, to name just a few. Radioactive Field requires a group of people, three boards, pieces of plywood, or envelopes about 1-foot square, and a desire to solve problems. The goal is to move the whole group across an open, flat area without touching the ground with any body part while using three protective shields.

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Don't Break that Egg is another good activity for groups or individuals. The object is to invent a device that will safely drop a raw egg from a certain height while using a variety of materials. Moon Ball is an easy, but complex problem-solving activity. Begin with a group of people and give them a beach ball. Ask them to keep it in the air as long as they can. No one is allowed to touch the ball twice in a row. The ball must not touch anything other than people.

The Ad Game is also a fun problem-solving activity. In this game, people move about the room. When someone comes up with an idea to solve a stated problem, everyone shouts “Yes!” and the group begins stating ideas that build off the last idea presented. For example, “We should use something to fix this hole in the wall.” “Yes!” “And it should not cost too much.” “Yes!” “And the wall will look like new.” “Yes!”

Another fun activity idea is to hold a contest for who can come up with the dumbest solution to a problem first. Players compile a list of suggestions and see if any are usable. For example, "Fill the hole with paper mache." Participants turn the problem into a game by establishing a point system, rewards for progress, and a leader board to add some motivation.

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