What Are Some Fun, Printable Activities for Kids?

What Are Some Fun, Printable Activities for Kids?

Fun printable activities for kids of all ages are available at websites such as ActivityVillage.co.uk, theKidzpage.com, RaisingOurKids.com and abcteach.com. Each of these sites provides a variety of activities, such as connect the dots, color by number, and various crafty printables.

ActivityVillage.co.uk hosts a large variety of kids printables, organized by type, holiday or season. Activities include a variety of educational worksheets and skills worksheets. There are also craft printables, such as bookmarks and masks.

TheKidzpage.com offers a variety of educationally based word searches, crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot activities, and coloring pages. This site also includes links to other educational sites that provide grade-based activities.

RaisingOurKids.com provides a large number of printable activities, such as color by numbers, connect the dots, mazes, learn to draw and puzzles. The site also offers coloring pages and online games.

Abcteach offers free educational printables as well as printables available to members. Printables include Bingo, grid coloring, crossword puzzles, word unscrambles and decoding.