What Are Some Fun Prank Ideas?

What Are Some Fun Prank Ideas?

Fun prank ideas include planting alarm clocks in the victim's room, putting spices in his drink or leaning a bucket of water on his door. Pranks that work with cell phones or emails include changing the language on his phone or sending him membership emails for a fake company.

For the alarm clock prank, the prankster should hide several alarm clocks that are set for five minute intervals in the victim's bedroom. To cause the most annoyance, the prankster should set the alarms for a time when the victim usually sleeps.

The prankster can use a few spoonfuls of salt or pepper for the drink prank. He can then watch the victim's expression as he takes a drink. To avoid giving it away, the prankster should act naturally.

For the bucket of water prank, the prankster should fill the bucket over halfway. After leaning the bucket on the door, he knocks or rings the doorbell. When the victim opens the door, water pours inside.

To access the victim's phone for the language prank, the prankster could say he needs to make an urgent call and his phone is dead. Once he has the phone, he should go to the settings menu, change the language and give it back.

In the membership prank, the prankster sets up an email address for a fake organization the victim wouldn't like, such as a fan club for a celebrity. He emails the victim, stating his registration was successful and his credit card was billed.