What Are Some Fun Playground Games?


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Hens and Chicks and Jeep Safari are two examples of fun playground games. These schoolyard games can be amended with new twists to keep things interesting.

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Hens and Chicks involves two groups of "chicks" and two "hens." Standing in safety zones about 30 feet apart, the chicks wait as their mother hen starts walking slowly towards the opposite side. When the hen calls for her chicks, the chicks try to run to the other side's safety zone without getting tagged by their mother hen. Anyone tagged must stay with the hen in the middle and the game continues until all the chicks are caught.

For Jeep Safari, kids walk or run around until the leader shouts, "A lion's on the loose!" Like musical chairs, the "jeeps" are pre-determined chairs or spots on a playground, and there is always one less than the total number of kids in play. Whoever doesn't get to a jeep in time is out of the game.

Many kids prefer to play classic playground games that have withstood the tests of time, such as dodge ball, Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, marbles, Jax and Double Dutch jump rope. Numerous other games have taken old ideas and added fun and creative new rules.

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