What Is a Fun Pixie Craft to Do With Kids?


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A pixie craft that can entertain many kids is creating a Fairy Clothespin doll. With materials families probably have around the house, the youngster can create their own Tinkerbell, Periwinkle or other fairy. Children may also enjoy making their own wand so they, too, can 'be' a fairy.

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In order to make their own fairy doll, children need a "dolly"-type clothespin, some paint or felt pens, felt, mini pom-poms, and clear plastic such as acetate. Have the child paint or color the clothespin to "look" like their fairy, add a felt skirt, a pom-pom for a hair bun, and plastic for the wings. If they would like their own personal wand, a simple straw with a star-shaped piece of colored paper on the end makes a great wand.

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