What Are Some Fun Party Games Similar to Truth or Dare?

There are many games that are just as fun as Truth or Dare and work well as party entertainment. Online sites offer game ideas such as Truth and Liars, Taste the Rainbow, and Sardines, all of which appeal to a young audience and do not require game pieces or game boards.

The game Truth and Liars, is a game in which you must decide whether or not your friends are telling the truth or lying. You are able to make up your own questions to ask your friends. Some are assigned to tell the truth and one other is not. The player asking the questions must try to figure out who the liar out of the group is.

For a more physical activity that requires common party materials on hand, try Taste the Rainbow, a game involving skittles and straws. In this activity, the players must collect Skittles with straws and place them into cups without using their hands. They are only allowed to use their mouths and straws to get as many Skittles collected as possible.

Another excellent game, Sardines, is the opposite of hide-and-go-seek. It requires one person hiding and everyone else trying to find them. When one person finds them, they must hide with them. One by one, when another person finds the hidden person, they much squish into the hiding space together.