What Are Some Fun Outdoor Games to Play?

Some fun outdoor games to play include capture the flag, dodgeball and flashlight tag. People of all ages can enjoy these games outside no matter the time of year. Flashlight tag works best after the sun goes down.

Capture the flag is a team-based game in which the players attempt to capture their opposing team's flag and take it to their base without being tagged. At the start of the game, they outline the teams' territories, and place their flags within those areas. If a player is tagged, he's sent to the opposing team's jail. The only way out of jail is for a teammate to tag him back in. If the person carrying the flag is tagged, the flag returns to its original position.

In dodgeball, players break up into two teams and map out the connecting play areas. All the balls are placed on the line where these two areas connect. Once the game starts, the players rush toward the center to grab a ball. They cannot cross into the other team's area, or they are eliminated. The goal is to hit the opposing team members with the balls to eliminate them. The team that successfully eliminates all of the opposing players wins.

Flashlight tag is much like traditional tag, except with flashlights. The player who is “it” is given a flashlight, and the other players hide. The person who is “it” must look for the other players and shine the flashlight on them. Once a person is found, that person becomes “it,” and the original “it” gets to hide.