What Are Some Fun Online Truck Games?


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Some fun online truck games for gamers include “Mining Truck” and “Big Truck Adventures 2.” Both games center around the goal of quickly delivering cargo to its destination while losing as little of it as possible.

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In “Mining Truck,” players take control of a truck that has to deliver precious gems from a mine to a factory. At the start, they have to line up the truck to catch the gems that pour out of the mine. Then, they have a time limit to quickly get the gems to the factory while preventing as many gems as possible from spilling out.

The game is based on physics, so going over hills and hitting bumps can make the gems pop out of the truck bed. The amount of gems left in the truck and the speed at which players deliver the gems determines their score. Overall, there are eight levels for players to enjoy. Gamers control the game using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The up arrow is for acceleration, the down arrow is for the brake, and the left and right arrows are for balancing the truck.

“Big Truck Adventures 2” works in much the same way as “Mining Truck.” In this game, however, players are delivering boxed cargo instead of gems. They can also hit the space bar to get a boost.

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