What Are Some Fun Online Pet Games for Kids?


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Some fun online pet games for kids are "Bunnies and Easter Eggs," "Save Mice" and "Cat vs. Dog." Player can play for free online at PetGames.My-Pet-Care.com.

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In "Bunnies and Easter Eggs," players help bunnies hop across a chasm to safety on the other side. The player uses a piece of wood to aid the bunny in jumping over the space without falling. If the players catch a falling Easter egg, the piece of wood expands and second piece pokes out from under the first one. As the game progresses, the bunnies arrive faster and faster.

Using a leaf, players help mice jump from the top of a log to the safety of a pile of leaves in "Save Mice." The mice use the leaf as a place to bounce higher before hitting the pile of leaves. Some mice only need a single bounce from the leaf while others need the leaf multiple times to reach safety. Apples falling from the sky give players an advantage.

"Cats vs. Dog" pits the players’ favorite house pets against each other. Set on the beach, the cat and dog throw shells of sand over a sand pile at each other. The players need to find the right amount of power to throw their shell over the sand pile without throwing it too far. This game can be played by one or two players.

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