What Are Some Fun Online Hockey Games for Kids?


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Three very popular online hockey games for kids are Best Hockey, Ragdoll Goalie and Ice Hockey found on Hockeygames. Online hockey games are played where one team scores goals against the opponent by obstructing the other teams shots at the goaltender.

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What Are Some Fun Online Hockey Games for Kids?
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Online ice hockey games simulate the sport using the same rules as physical hockey. Players skate on ice in a stadium, dodge movements and make shots emulating wrist and slap shots to score goals into the net. Players use similar hockey strategy online by making shots from as many positions on the playground as possible. The team that is most successful at attacking the opponents net with their forwards, defending the net with their backwards and stops goals wins.

The online game, Ice Hockey, can be played with one or two players. The goal is to score as many points as possible within 3 minutes and use the mouse to move players in position to protect the goal.

Burning Blades Hockey is played against 11 teams. Players must finish in the top four places to qualify for play-offs.

Angry Birds Hockey is an air hockey game with cartoon characters from the original Angry Birds game. The format is pushing the hockey puck around the filed to defeat the opposing team from making a goal.

In order to play all air hockey games online, after clicking the start button, players click on the puck and use the mouse button to drag the puck into position to make a shot. It takes between seven and 11 goals to win depending on the game.

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