What Are Some Fun Online Hidden Object Games?


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Some fun online hidden object games include the “Vampire Secret Rooms” and “The Land of Stories.” Both of these games are available to play online for free on Hidden4Fun and Hidden-objects.net. Players control both games using a computer mouse.

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In “Vampire Secret Rooms,” players are investigating a house to see if vampires live there. Each level of the game takes place in a new room with new objects to find. When they see an object that they need, they use the computer mouse to click on it to obtain it. There is no time limit, but there is also no hint system. Players can toggle the music of the game on or off and can also play the game in full-screen mode.

In “The Land of Stories,” there are 12 different stages for players to find hidden objects. At the end of each stage, they receive a star ranking based on how fast they found all of the objects and the number of hints they used. There is no time limit, but the game keeps track of how long it takes the player to find all of the objects.

“The Land of Stories” also has a money system. At the end of each stage, the player wins in-game money based on how well they did. Sometimes they also get to play a surprise mini game at the end of each stage for a chance to win bonus money. There are 36 stars that players can collect across all 12 stages.

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