What Are Some Fun Online Avatar Games?


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Some fun online avatar games include “Second Life” and “Twinity.” Both of these games revolve around creating an online avatar to interact with people in an online community. These communities differ from typical chat rooms since they take place in a 3D environment.

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In “Second Life,” players experience an alternate universe where they have the opportunity to live a second life. When they create new accounts, they get to create 3D avatars that they want to represent them in the 3D world. Using these avatars, they can travel and explore new places that the “Second Life” community has created. Millions of users populate the game, so there are plenty of people with whom to interact via text and voice chat. Players can browse other users' profiles and share their interests and passions with people from around the world.

“Twinity” is another community in which players interact with other users in a 3D world. After creating accounts and designing avatars, players are free to go shopping, party with friends, play dress-up and talk with others in a 3D-chat environment. “Twinity” also allows players to create virtual apartments, cities and islands. The players can then invite other users to visit their virtual creations and live extraordinary lives in a safe, virtual universe where they are free to flirt and just have fun with others.

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