What Are Some Fun Olaf Games?


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Some fun Olaf games are "Olaf's Freeze Fall" and "Olaf Coconut Cream Pie." Each of these games is available online to play for free. The player finds "Olaf's Freeze Fall" at Disney.com and "Olaf Coconut Cream Pie" at FrozenGames.org

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In "Olaf's Freeze Fall," the player helps reassemble Olaf after his pieces get separated. By moving between ice shelves, the player attaches pieces of Olaf and avoids falling snowballs. The player constantly moves upward and must move left and right quickly to get to the pieces and next shelves. "Olaf Coconut Cream Pie" allows the player to help Olaf assemble and bake a pie. The game begins with a shopping trip for ingredients and gives detailed instructions for mixing the food.

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