What Are Some Fun Ninja Games?


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MiniClip.com offers “3 Foot Ninja II,” “Ninja Painter 2” and “Ninja Dogs 2," which are all fun ninja games to play online for free. "Ninja Glove” is also an enjoyable ninja game.

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What Are Some Fun Ninja Games?
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“3 Foot Ninja II” involves defeating enemies and rescuing a princess to score points. Players press the arrow and letter keys to move, jump and slash enemies and use the spacebar to jump. They also collect potions and scarabs to boost health levels and earn extra points.

“Ninja Painter 2” requires players to use ninja techniques to paint prohibited areas. Players score points by following the instructions displayed on the screen and pressing the arrow keys to move. They advance to the next level after completing the painting tasks.

“Ninja Dogs 2” involves helping the ninja dogs regain their stolen secret scrolls by destroying the ninja cats. Players score points by using the mouse to aim the cannon and clicking to launch the dogs for the attack. Players have to destroy a fixed number of cats to advance to the next level.

“Ninja Glove” requires players to follow instructions on the screen and play the fast-paced mini games. Players use the mouse to move and click on tasks. Players complete the tasks to score points and earn the ninja glove before time runs out.

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