What Are Some Fun Multiplication Games to Play Online?


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A few fun multiplication games that children can play online include Fantastic Fish Shop, Cave Run, Grand Prix Pro, Fruit Splat, Pop-up Math and Balloon Pop. Multiplication.com and Sheppard Software provide these games. Using fun multiplication games can help students review what they learned about the multiplication tables, notes Multiplication.com.

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Additionally, Multiplication.com also provides interactive times tables and online quizzes so students can practice. After the practice session, kids can then play these and other multiplication games, such as Penguin Jump, Holiday Fun and Flying High Race. All of these games are easy and free to play. For example, the Grand Prix Pro multiplication game is a racing game in which players choose a car to race around a track. Players answer a series of multiplication fact questions; the faster a player correctly answers the questions the faster his car goes. The winner of the race is the player who answers the most questions in the fastest time.

The Sheppard Software site also has a variety of different and fun multiplication games, such as Fruit Splat and Balloon Pop. The object of the Balloon Pop game is to answer multiplication problems and give the answers from smallest to highest by popping the balloons according to this order. For example, three balloons are displayed with the multiplication problems of 1 x 5 , 5 x 7 and 7 x 1. Students should pop the balloons in the order 1 x 5, 7 x 1 and 5 x 7. This website also has games for the other math operations of subtraction, addition and division.

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