What Are Some Fun "Monster Truck" Games to Play Online?


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Some fun ?Monster Truck? games to play online include "Demolish Truck," "Truck Wars" and "Monster Truck Curfew." These multi-level games have simple instructions suitable for kids.

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The main objective of the "Demolish Truck" game is to drive the truck, collect stars along the way and destroy the cars. The player is also required to jump high to achieve a higher score while racing. Players prepare to jump when they see the Ready To Jump signpost on the screen. To jump, long-press the space bar on the keyboard to increase turbo speed.

"Truck Wars" is a racing and fighting game in which the player is required to drive fast and attack other trucks along the way. Each level on the "Truck Wars" game has its own mission that should be accomplished for the player to proceed to the next stage. To play "Truck Wars," use the direction keys to move, Z to jump and X to attack other trucks.

In the "Monster Truck Curfew" game, the player is expected to drive the truck before midnight and avoid hitting pedestrians along the way or crushing police cars. Use the direction keys on the keyboard to accelerate, decelerate and control the truck from left to right.

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