What are some fun military strategy games?


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"World in Conflict" and "Rome 2: Total War" are two fun military strategy games. Whereas the former focuses on an imaginary conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, the latter takes the player back to the days of the Roman Empire. Both games are available on Steam.

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"World in Conflict" features a narrated storyline that assumes an alternate history scenario where the Soviet Union decides to invade Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States to remain in power. The game puts the player in the role of First Lieutenant Parker, who serves in the U.S. Military in the fight against the Soviet threat.

The gameplay of "World in Conflict" features a unique resource system. Each unit the player calls into the battlefield costs a certain amount of reinforcement points. When a unit dies, its cost is refunded slowly. The player can call any combination of infantry, armor and air units to create an army that is best suited for the battle ahead.

Taking place two millennia before "World in Conflict," "Rome 2: Total War" allows the player to control a faction from the antiquity and strive for global dominance. The game consists of two phases. The first is the political map, where the player can build new cities, trade, declare war and distribute his armed forces. The second phase is the battle map, where the player commands his army against enemy forces. The battle map is only available when two or more opposing armies meet.

The battles in "Rome 2: Total War" often feature huge armies of thousands of soldiers. Soldiers are grouped into units of hundreds of men for easier control. There is no way to call in reinforcements during a battle. As such, the player must train the necessary forces beforehand.

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