What Are Some Fun Maze Games Online?

Three fun online maze games are "Mammoths," "2mazed," and "Scramball 2." All three of these games are in the maze section of Agame.com. To get to the maze section, visitors type "maze" into the search function on the site, and then click the More Maze Games icon.

In "Mammoths" there are mammoths separated and trapped in a cave by movable ice blocks. The objective is to free the mammoths before time runs out by pushing the ice blocks out of the way without accidentally trapping any of the herd.

Players work through two mazes at the same time while avoiding enemies and hazards in "2mazed." One set of controls moves two separate creatures, each through its own maze, toward a blue portal at the top of the screen that each creature must enter simultaneously to clear the stage.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion in "Scramball 2." The goal in this game is to maneuver a ball through a narrow two-dimensional maze in a race against the clock. A fully functioning physics engine turn gravity into an adversary as the faster the ball travels through the maze the farther it bounces in the wrong direction when it strikes a wall.