What Are Some Fun Lawn Games?


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Some fun lawn games can include bocce, throwing Frisbees, pitching horseshoes, croquet, ring, washer or bean bag toss and volleyball. Kids can also have plenty of fun with either water balloon, lawn Scrabble or bowling games.

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What Are Some Fun Lawn Games?
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Bocce, pitching horseshoes and Frisbee games are enjoyable for both children and adults. Bocce is a type of bowling game that originated in Italy. The goal of the game is to bowl a ball closest to a target ball called pallino or jack. The game requires setting up a court and having a set of bocce balls. Similarly, croquet is a traditional lawn game that requires balls, mallets and wickets.

Many different types of toss games, such as quoits, are also popular backyard or outdoor games. Quoits involves throwing a ring around a small erect post in the ground. Some other lawn games can be tetherball, lawn darts and mini golf. Additionally, there can be lawn games that originated in other countries and may be fun to try, such as Kubb and Molkky. Kubb is a game played in Sweden and players throw batons to knock down wooden knights and a king piece. Molkky is a type of Finnish bowling game that requires rolling pins.

For games that include lawn Scrabble or Twister, it can entail a do-it-yourself project to paint the grass in colored circular patterns for Twister or making a large Scrabble board on the lawn and letters from cardboard. This can be a suitable game and project idea for a family get together.

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