What Are Some Fun Items to Include in a Scavenger Hunt List for Kids?


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The items to include on a scavenger hunt for kids should relate to the interests of the children participating in the hunt or focus on a singular theme, such as pirates or a holiday. If the hunt is outdoors, use items from the surrounding such as leaves and rocks.

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One way to determine the items to include in a scavenger hunt for kids is to pick a specific theme for the hunt, as it adds a narrative to the game. For example, if the hunt takes place during Christmas time, include items that represent the holiday, such as ornaments, toys, snow or winter clothing. Alternately, if the theme is about one child's birthday, include items such as presents, balloons, something that belongs to that child or one of the party favors. It is important to include a variety of objects in a scavenger hunt to engage the children and keep them actively participating.

Another way to choose fun items for a scavenger hunt is to make the clues open ended, which means that there is no single correct answer. Clues that ask for items of a certain color or shape mean the children need to use their imagination during the search. It is also possible to include clues that ask for multiple items of a different type, which also requires imagination and thinking skills.

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