What Are Some Fun Ideas for Food Challenges?

Some fun ideas for food challenges include the Peeps challenge, in which a person attempts to eat 24 Peeps in five minutes. Another fun food challenge idea is the saltine challenge, in which a person eats six saltine crackers within one minute.

Popular food challenges include the gallon challenge. For the gallon challenge, also called the milk chugging challenge, a person attempts to drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting. The gallon challenge has been featured on "The Regular Show" and has been attempted by celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon. The American baseball player Bill Lee mentions the milk chugging challenge in his autobiography as well.

Another common food challenge is the Mentos and Diet Coke challenge. For this challenge, a person attempts to consume both Diet Coke and Mentos simultaneously without spewing out the fizzing that results from the reaction between the two. The Mentos candies react with the carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke because the rough surfaces of the candies break up water molecules in the soda. This creates more room for carbon dioxide bubbles to form, and the gum arabic in the Mentos candies makes the candies fall to the bottom faster, creating even more bubbles.