What Are Some Fun Ideas for Decorating With Window Stencils?


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Fun ideas for decorating with window stencils include holiday scenes, birthday greetings, congratulatory messages and supporting sports teams. Window stencils are also used on mirrors, walls, furniture, and decorative items such as picture frames and large vases.

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Artificial spray snow, window marking paint and window stain are products used with window stencils on mirrors or glass panes. Rubber-based paints are also used on glass because they can easily be peeled away when changing designs.

Window stencils are used on walls to create themes for bedrooms, accent hallways, corners or family areas and paint inspirational messages. Acrylic, latex and flat paint are used when choosing to decorate walls with window stencils. Decorate furniture items, such as tables, chair backs, headboards and outdoor furniture, using window stencils as an alternative to decoupage or vinyl transfer sheets. Wood stain, spray paint, acrylic, latex and flat paint are used on furniture, with some methods requiring a sealing agent after application.

Spray paints and oil-based application methods are recommended when using window stencils to personalize picture frames and decorative items such as vases or garden pots. Another fun idea for window stencils, in conjunction with frames, is to trail the design from the frame onto the edges of a mirror. Vases are easily marked with a family monogram or room theme using window stencils, while garden pots are personalized and have their contents decoratively labeled.

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