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Some fun games include Aztec Take Away, Dinosaur Dentist, Forest Phonics and Blending Dragon, according to ICT Games. These games are available in full or sample size on the company's official website.

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Most ICT Games are in the math and reading genres. The company also provides simulations on various topics from car engines to the day/night cycle.

  • Aztec Take Away: This two-person game strengthens subtraction skills by having the players compete to see who will be able to dump a bucket of goo on the other first.
  • Dinosaur Dentist: Play dentist to dinosaurs with bad teeth by adding two numbers and selecting the tooth with the correct sum to replace the bad tooth.
  • Forest Phonics: This game is also available on the Android app store, notes Amazon. Players can practice their spelling by sound and sight using flashcards with different sounds on them.
  • Blending Dragon: Learn to identify which are real words and which are fake words based on common spelling patterns. This game has a lovely Chinese theme with a flying dragon that devours real words and a minimalist Asian art-style background.
  • Braille Builder: Use this topic game to learn and write simple Braille messages. The game comes with a keyboard that makes different letters appear above it in Braille.
  • Engine Simulator: Not technically a game, the engine simulator does give players an inside look at the workings of an engine in action. The simulator offers a labels button to add labels to each of the different parts of the engine.
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