What Are Some Fun Icebreakers for Meetings?


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Popular icebreaker games for groups or meetings include Two Truths and a Lie, Line Up, and Animals. It is important that icebreaker games are light-hearted and do not make meeting attendees feel uncomfortable.

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What Are Some Fun Icebreakers for Meetings?
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To play Animals, ask people to choose an animal from a hat and then act as that animal. This game works best with people who are inclined to silliness; serious people may find it embarrassing. Two Truths and a Lie requires that each person state three sentences about himself, two of which are true, and requires everyone else to guess the lie. It works well because people can choose facts they are comfortable sharing. To play Line Up, simply instruct two or more teams to sort themselves in some manner without using words. For example, ask them to sort themselves by age without using words. This exercise builds teamwork.

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