What Are Some Fun Hot Wheels Games?


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Some of the most popular Hot Wheels games on HotWheels.com are "Ultimate Stunt Jumper,' "Track Builder," "Custom Motors," "Worlds Best Driver Tryouts" and "Prehistoric Pizza," as of 2015. Some of the games with the highest user ratings are "Mega Blocks Race," "Creature Car Chase," "Drive-Thru Dilemma" and "Saber Smash."

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What Are Some Fun Hot Wheels Games?
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The Hot Wheel website contains numerous games that take inspiration from the line of toy cars and its related television shows. The games section of the site features several categories including action, racing, shooting, arcade and strategy. Clicking on any of these categories displays all active games on the site that incorporate that concept. The main games page, along with subsequent pages, also contains options for sorting the games based on their popularity among users, the total number of positive ratings and that game's upload date to the site.

One of the highest rated games on the site is "Worlds Best Driver Tryouts." It is also one of the most popular games on the site, with over five million plays. The game allows the player to take control of a driver attempting to earn the title of the World's Best Driver. Players are able to choose from different Hot Wheels cars and explore various tracks that contain elements of the toy line.

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