What Are Some Fun Hello Kitty Games?

What Are Some Fun Hello Kitty Games?

Fun Hello Kitty games include ?Hello Kitty? Pop Board and Picnic in the Park Games. Others are ?Hello Kitty World-Fun Park Game? and ?Hello Kitty Coin Drop Game.?

The ?Hello Kitty? Pop Board Game involves pressing and moving pieces around the board until they get back home. Besides having fun playing the game, children learn to count and play fair. It is appropriate for children aged 4 and above.

The ?Hello Kitty? Picnic in the Park Game is about finding a place to have a picnic by picking a card and matching the color to the space on the board. The first player to the picnic site wins the game. It is recommended for ages 4 and above and accommodates two to four players.

The ?Hello Kitty World-Fun Park Game? features a combination of Sanrio characters roaming about the game. Players create their amusement parks by building shops and selecting themed attractions and selling merchandise to visitors wandering in the parks. This free application is appropriate for girls and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

The ?Hello Kitty Coin Drop Game? involves dropping a targeted number of coins to receive rewards. The game consists of levels with different missions to complete and a jackpot that when hit, rewards the player with many coins. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.