What Are Some Fun and Harmless Pranks for Kids?


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Some fun and harmless pranks for kids are filling a closet with balloons or confetti, switching the sugar for salt, and using food coloring in milk. Some other ideas including stuffing the toe of a pair of shoes or gluing a coin to the sidewalk.

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What Are Some Fun and Harmless Pranks for Kids?
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One fun and harmless prank for kids is to fill a closet, cabinet, school locker or backpack with balloons or confetti. For a larger-scale version of this prank, fill an entire room with balloons. Fill the sugar container in the kitchen with salt for an unpleasant surprise. Use food coloring to change milk or water into an unusual-looking beverage. Kids can also use food coloring to alter the appearance of bath water, toilet water or swimming pool water. Use caution, as undiluted food coloring can stain.

Use toilet paper or tissue paper to fill the end of a shoe. When the wearer tries to put the shoe on, they won't fit properly, and the person may wonder whether his feet have grown overnight. Use glue to attach a quarter or another coin to the sidewalk or driveway. When someone tries to pick the coin up, he may be surprised to find that it does not budge.

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