What Are Some Fun Hair Salon Games for Kids?


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Some online salon games for kids include “Frenzy Salon” and “Beauty Hair Salon 2.” As of 2015, both of these games are free and don't require players to download them in order to play. Players control both games using a computer mouse.

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In “Frenzy Salon,” players take on the role of managing a beauty salon. Each day, they have to satisfy their customers to meet their money goal. As customers walk into the salon, the players must pay attention to the numbers above their heads, which indicate the services that they want. At the end of each day, players receive a rating of up to three stars. Their total score is the amount of money that they earn that day.

In “Beauty Hair Salon 2,” players come up with a new hairstyle for one of two girls. After choosing a girl, they must shampoo, wash and dry her hair. Once finished, the players gain access to a number of tools that they can use to change the look of the girl's hair, including scissors, a hair straightener and hair dye. Once they finish with the girl's hair, they have the option to do her makeup and pick out an outfit for her. On the very last screen, they have the option to print their creation.

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