What Are Some Fun Games Young Kids and Adults Can Enjoy?

What Are Some Fun Games Young Kids and Adults Can Enjoy?

Fun games that adults and kids can enjoy include scavenger hunts, likes and dislikes, charades, and two truths and a lie. Alternatively, there are board games, such as Guess Who and Monopoly.

Scavenger hunts involve searching for items to see who collects the most, or to solve the clue to a puzzle. For this game, the players need written clues and items. After hiding items around a house or outdoor area, the game master writes out clues that help the players move from item to item. Whoever finds the most items or figures out the puzzle first wins.

Likes and dislikes requires the players to write down five of their likes or dislikes on a piece of paper, then fold them up and place them in a hat. Each person then draws a piece of paper out of the hat and attempts to guess who gave the information.

Two truths and a lie requires the players to tell the participants two factual pieces of information about themselves and one lie. The players can question the person providing the information before guessing which statement isn't true.

Guess Who requires the players to gather clues in an attempt to find out which board game character committed a crime. After gathering all the available clues, they attempt to guess who did it.

Monopoly is a board game that requires players to move around a board buying houses, collecting taxes and paying fines. The aim is for one player to gain a monopoly of the real estate on offer. Junior versions of the game are available for very young players, and themed versions include Disney and Star Wars.