What Are Some Fun Games for Retreats?

Another Shoe Game, Birdie on a Perch and Body Part Musical Chairs are fun games for retreats. Other fun games include asking everyone to share their favorite viral video on their smartphones or having a ball-between-the-foreheads race.

In Another Shoe Game, all participants throw their right shoe into a pile, and then everyone grabs a random shoe. Each participant finds the person that the shoe belongs to and stands next to them, ultimately forming a line.

Birdie on a Perch is a game for partners. One person is the birdie and the other is the perch. The birdies stand in an inner circle and move clockwise, and the perches stand in an outer circle and move counter-clockwise. Both circles move while music plays, and when the music stops, the perches get down on one knee, and birdies sit on their perches. The last pair of birdies and perches to find each other is out. The game continues until only one birdie and perch remains.

Body Parts Musical Chairs begins like regular musical chairs with one less chair in a circle than the number of participants. Participants walk in a circle around the chairs while music plays, and when the music stops, the leader calls out a body part. The participants find a chair and put that body part on it. The person left without a chair is out, and the participants remove one more chair from the circle. The game continues until only one participant remains.