What Are Some Fun Games to Play in the Yard?


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Some fun games to play in the yard include marble race, passing practice and a bean bag toss. Nature scavenger hunts, an obstacle course and backyard bowling are other options.

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For marble race, cut a foam pool noodle in half, and prop both halves at a slant so kids can race marbles down the indentation. Make a challenging passing practice game by cutting holes in a tarp and labeling them with different point values. Hang the tarp in the yard so that players can toss a ball into the holes, competing to see who can get the most points. For a simple bean bag toss, label different sized buckets with point values and people can play by tossing the bags from a distance.

Write a list of natural items found in the back yard to make a nature lover's scavenger hunt. Young children can find items of a specific color and shape while older kids and adults can identify leaves and insects. Make an obstacle course from items commonly found in garages and back yards like hula hoops, ladders and jump ropes. Use a timer so players can compete with each other for the fastest time.

Backyard bowling is fun to play on a level surface like a patio or driveway. Paint empty water or soda bottles in bright colors, and use a tennis ball as a bowling ball.

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